Gemini Announces Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Investment & New Portfolio Add-On Acquistion

May 11 2023

Gemini is pleased to announce two new transactions: a new investment and an add-on acquisition for one of our portfolio companies.

In April, Gemini completed an investment in Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, a longstanding manufacturer of steam sterilizers, also known as autoclaves, for laboratory and medical use. Established in 1946 and based in Billerica, MA, the Company offers over 35 autoclave product models with a variety of size and design configurations, as well as customized built-to-order autoclaves, for the life sciences and healthcare markets. In addition, the Company provides services for autoclave installation, quality testing, as well as maintenance and repairs, servicing over 400 customers across more than 70 countries. For more information, please visit

In March, Gemini portfolio company Westco completed the acquisition of Champions Hydro-Lawn, the leading commercial erosion control and turf establishment specialist serving Municipal Utility Districts (“MUDs”) and commercial developers in the greater Houston market. Founded in 1976, the Company offers a full range of services including: mowing, handwork, overseeding, fertilization, irrigation, rehabilitation, storm water pipe replacement and other essential services for MUDs, HOAs, municipalities, corporate properties, and other commercial clients. Together, the partnership between Westco and Champions creates one of the largest and strongest commercial landscaping platforms in the Houston area. For more information, please visit and

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