Gemini Completes The Center for Sales Strategy and Sinclair Well Products Investments

July 26 2022

Gemini is pleased to announce two new platform investments.

In April, Gemini completed an investment in The Center for Sales Strategy (“CSS”), a provider of outsourced sales and marketing management and consulting services to clients with a business-to-business (“B2B”) sales model.  Founded in 1983, the Company offers a variety of services to help customers drive sales growth, improve employee retention, and enhance organizational culture. CSS employs 44 professionals and operates as a remote workforce. For more information, please visit

Also in April, Gemini acquired a majority interest in Sinclair Well Products & Services, a full-service supplier of drilling products for the environmental, water well, construction, geothermal, oil & gas, and mining industries.  Established in 2011 and based in Cerritos, California, Sinclair provides fluids, piping, other drilling supplies and consumables, as well as technical engineering services, across a range of drilling markets.  The Company serves over 500 customers with a focus on the Western United States.  For more informatioGemini Completes Two New Platform Investmentsn, please visit


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